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Dr. Adrienne Snair-Trothier

Dr. Adrienne Snair-Trothier has a passion for the varied voices of the people that make up our America. She sees Americans as a blend of many cultures that are unique and special and have much to offer one another. She grew up in Central Connecticut and went to college at Temple University in Philadelphia, earning a Bachelor's and Master’s degree there as well as teaching American History in high school in the city of Philadelphia for two years working on curricula to include Black History, Native American History, roles of women and immigrants from Europe as well as Latinos that were “left out of the history books.” She then returned to her native Connecticut to teach high school in the city of Hartford Public Schools and work with the University of Connecticut programs and local museums to continue this work. Her doctoral studies were in the field of multicultural studies through oral history. She worked in the fields of diversity and Multicultural America as an educator in the City of Hartford CT Public Schools for more than 25 years, teaching high school American History, Diversity Studies and Current Issues, and then as System Department Chair for Social Studies and also as Principal of a K-2 annex. She also served as Coordinator of the Gifted and Talented Program, the Greater Hartford for the Creative Arts and the Classical Magnet School. 

Dr. Adrienne moved with her husband to Central Florida in 2003. Since her move to Florida, she has obtained her Florida Teacher andAdministrative Certification. In addition to tutoring students here in Florida, she has continued to assist teachers in Connecticut with diversity training and multicultural lesson planning. She became an Adjunct Instructor for Brevard Community College, the University of Central Florida, and Institute for Business and Community Education. She taught the State of Florida court mandated courses for children and families and has taught courses and workshops for professional groups in central Florida in the areas of American History, Geography, Multicultural America, Diversity and Sexual Awareness Training, Oral History, Community Spanish, and English as a Second Language. She also earned certification in the nationally recognized Command Spanish language program as a Certified Instructor and in 2007 began plans to start her own classes and school. In 2008, she joined the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce to help further these goals and became an active Chamber member. She was Chair of the Ambassador Committee and active on the Education Committee. In 2013 she was named Ambassador of the Year. 

​​Dr. Adrienne and her husband accompanied students who won a travel study award to Europe to see the roots of American History. She has been to all of the fifty states and traveled extensively in Mexico and the Caribbean. Her husband and younger daughter attended the immersion Spanish language school with her in Playa del Carmen Mexico. She has also taken an amazing travel vacation to the Galápagos and Ecuador, an experience of a lifetime! 

All of these experiences led her to develop the program and school that is now known as Voices of America: Learning for Life and to become a certified instructor in the nationally recognized occupational Spanish language instruction program, “Command Spanish.” These courses center on Spanish for the Workplace and Travel, English as a second language as well as diversity training. Tutoring is available for high school and college students as well for adults in Spanish, French, basic literacy and study skills as well as helping people get their GED and United States Citizenship. In 2013, Dr. Adrienne joined Greg Devlin and the Neon Tiki Tribe Group as their Educational Consultant. She is working with the uniquechildren’s series to bring morals and values into the classroom while including lessons that cross subject lines including reading, writing and number skills as well as science and social studies applications. Critical thinking and problem solving skills will also be a focus of the lessons. She wrote guides to accompany the books that will help teachers, parents, librarians and homeschoolers to use the books to their fullest potential.

​Dr. Adrienne promotes multicultural awareness, critical thinking and the joy of learning especially reading to make everyone want tolearn and grow to their fullest potential!    Learning is fun when you learn for life!